Welcome to Holywell Chess Club

  • Holywell Chess Club
  • Stamford Gate Hotel, Holywell

A Club with a Difference

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Holywell Chess Club is the fastest growing chess club in North Wales. This is because we do not focus only on the best players in our community - we want to provide the facilities and atmosphere for everyone - young, old, disabled, expert or complete beginner who has never played before, to have the opportunity to learn, progress and enjoy this ancient game of strategy. We are committed to helping each other improve and to encourage others to see if they would enjoy chess too.

In addition to playing chess, we even have the occasional social event! Please take a few minutes to explore our website to understand what we are about - you may be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

Emphasis on Improving Players

This is not a club where the top players will only play amongst themselves, leaving newcomers and beginners feeling left out. Everyone takes a hand in encouraging less experienced players. We even have an English Chess Federation qualified coach amongst our members, who specialises in teaching juniors and beginners alike.

Membership Costs

Our annual cost of membership is very competative when compared with many other clubs. For 1 years membership (running from September to August) the fees are:

  • Adults: £7.50
  • Juniors (Under 16): £5.00

We Welcome Disabled Members

The club already has a number of disabled players and our doors are open to welcome more. Our venue at the Stamford Gate Hotel has full disabled access and facilites.

Why not Give us a Try?

We offer FREE trial membership for people - regardless of experience - to “try before you buy”. This is a great way to see if chess is for you.